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Painted Sinks

You will not find these sinks anywhere else in the Midwest.  Our sinks are hand thrown to size and painted by hand.  Many have carved elements to add dimensions to the work.  They have been installed in homes and restaurants where they have been enjoyed and used, adding beauty and style to the bathroom.

The materials include both red and white clay, earthenware for traditional landscapes and porcelain for the more contemporary work.  The decorative process involves layering up to 4 additional layers of colored clay.  Shapes are masked out with paper as new layers are applied.  The paper is cut out by hand with a scroll saw of knife, each piece of paper can only be used once.  Details are painted and carved by hand making each piece individual.
Prairie Wildflower Taupe 
Coastal Themes Carolina 1

Prairie Wildflower Daisey

Coastal Themes Chesapeake 

Prairie Wildflower Amethyst

Coastal Themes Caroline 2

Prairie Wildflowers 

Coastal Themes Carolina 3

Prairie Wildflower Golden Sun

Coastal Themes Maine

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